Last updated 14.7.19 

by Alyssia

We are enthusiastic learners who use the learning muscles to help us achieve success. We make our learning fun by working as a team, following the rules and trying to achieve our targets. We are proud of ourselves and feel excited by our achievements. We persevere and try our best to get a tick on our chart and win shell points for the team. We look after our school and classroom by tidying up after ourselves, switching the lights off when we are not inside, making sure that the taps are not dripping and that our rubbish is in the right bin and each week we aim to get the Eco Warrior award. We treat everyone equally and enjoy learning about other people's beliefs and cultures. We come to school on time every day to try and achieve 96% or above attendance for each week. We are polite to each other and know how we can keep ourselves safe at school.

We are looking forward to sharing our successes with you here on our class page.