Last updated: 23.7.19

Goodbye and good luck to our wonderful Year 6 pupils as they make the transition to their high school. We are so proud of all their achievements, their team spirit and positive attitude. It has been a privilege to work with them and everyone at Lawns Park sends their very best wishes.

*** FROM ALL AT LAWNS PARK and especially THE YEAR 6 TEAM ***

By Millie

Year 6 Eagle Owls are a resilient team. We show great pride in our learning, indeed, in everything we do, and we are proud to be members of the greater Lawns Park team. We collaborate with each other and with every member of staff. We show respect to rules, to each other's differences and we celebrate the wonderful diversity of our class and our school. We play fair and we always try to be kind to everyone. We are a happy, excited and motivated learning team, eager to succeed, willing to embrace and persevere with any challenge. We know that we have to keep ourselves and others safe in school as well as the wider world. We are always keen to learn how we can keep safe when we go online and we know that we are responsible for our actions wherever we go. We want to contribute to society by caring for the environment, being good citizens and doing the best we can in our learning.
We are Eagle Owls and we are proud!

Updated: 16.6.19
Updated: 16.6.19