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Updated 22.4.19






Remembrance Day 2018


Year 6 and Foundation Stage visited the local cenotaph to mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War I.


Friday 26th October 2018



"Lawns Park Pupils sing their hearts out to celebrate Harvest Festival"

Our Thursday assembly this week was very special, simple and moving. Pupils gave thanks for what they have and remembered to give to those who may not have as much as they do. Our first song was a beautiful and poignant solo, as children brought their food gifts to the Harvest collection. A talented Year 3 boy came to the front and sang his poem for us all and a brave and confident Year 6 girl did a fabulous job as compare.

The assembly finished with all pupils singing a rousing rendition of "Thank You" for food, but maybe not for brussel sprouts!


“No limits, no boundaries, no excuses”.

Over the last three years Lawns Park has made some significant changes resulting in rapid improvements. The Governors of Lawns Park have a three year plan to secure further improvements for our school, for our children, for your children.


Lawns Park Summer Fair 2018 highlights:


World Book Day 2018


July 2017

Our fantastic team of Parent Ambassadors have done us proud with a 

fun-in-the-sun Summer Fair fundraiser! Thanks to them and everyone in the 

community for supporting us!

The total money raised was a magnificent: £1791.49

30 June 2017


Are you on the Lawns Park Bus?

Did you even know there was a bus? Well here it is. Mr Stone made it for me and it has pride of place in my office. Why? Because it reminds me that all the staff, children, parents, governors and volunteers are on an amazing journey. We are all heading in the same direction, which is to be dedicated, resilient learners.

This doesn’t happen by magic, everyone on the bus has to want to be on the bus and everyone has their own special seat. Just recently, I have noticed that there are some energetic, enthusiastic people on the Lawns Park Bus who are spreading the word and encouraging people to join. These people are our caring parents and carers and our enthusiastic Parent Ambassadors and our loyal, committed volunteers. You will notice these people around school, outside in the playground, at Parents Evenings and at events, making things happen with the same destination in mind... amazing learning for all children at Lawns Park.

Having these people on board means that we now have open forums for parents to share their views and contribute even more to their children’s learning. We have a parent-friendly School Improvement Plan, so that all parents can see our direction. We have a Lawns Park Facebook Group FOR Lawns Park parents BY Lawns Park parents, so they can share tips, ideas, solve problems together. Our governors and Parent Ambassadors are even working on a special interactive Parent Ambassador website to spread the Lawns Park word even further.

We have committed volunteers who always turn up to read with our children or help with the learning in class, these friendly faces and extra pairs of hands are just what our children need. They are always in our library making sure that our children can borrow a book whenever they want and always ready to organise and take part in exciting events, like KS2 Movie Night (6pm 23.3.17) or Hunt the Egg (after school  28.3.17).

If you are heading in the same direction as us, hop aboard.  There's always room on the Lawns Park Bus!


2nd March 2017
A Magical World Book Day at Lawns Park.    

I have thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day this year at Lawns Park and I could tell by looking at the children’s faces and talking to them that they too derived a great deal of pleasure from the day.

The day started with a fabulous book characters show. Each character had their moment walking along the catwalk. I was touched by how confident our children were, many of them approached this walk in role!

All the costumes were fabulous and the judges found it very difficult to find five winners.

The children immersed themselves in books for the day, creatively using books as part of their maths, listening to stories, writing their own & writing book reviews. In the afternoon pupils chose a teacher to go & listen to, reading one of their own favourite books.

I hope that you enjoy the moments that Mrs Brook managed to capture.

Lawns Park Primary School praised by the LEA

As a school judged as good by OFSTED in December 2013, after three years, we are now due an inspection. We asked the LEA if they would conduct a Teaching and Learning Audit in one day to help us to prepare.

The feedback we received was extremely encouraging and really useful to us. The first thing they commented on, was how warm and welcoming everyone in the school was and how honest and open they are, that’s children, staff and parents. They said our children were amazing, with great learning behaviour and conduct around school. They commented on how eager our children were to learn and how readily they talked about how they learn.

We are really proud to be able to say that they judged us to be a rapidly improving school and that the teaching was good across school.

Obviously, we have areas to improve on, such as developing the teaching so that there is more outstanding teaching. Also, we need to harness the goodwill and support of the whole school community to help our children to learn the basic skills.

As a school we constantly strive to make sure that your children achieve the very best they can. This audit made it very clear to us that we are on the way to achieving this with focus and determination. The credit here is with your wonderful children and my amazing, hard working staff who constantly strive to maximise your children’s learning potential.

If you would like more information, please come in to school to talk to us or keep an eye out for the release of our “School Improvement Plan” on the parent page, which is currently being developed by myself and the Parent Ambassadors.


GOLD AWARD for Lawns Park

Lawns Park is highly commended for the quality of physical education on offer.

Lawns Park Primary School has been awarded the GOLD Sports Award. This is an outstanding achievement because we are the only one form entry school in Leeds to meet this standard.

It is recognition for our unique team spirit at Lawns Park. "Our children have a winning mentality," says Mr Hosany, our PE Leader. They have a growth mindset, so they understand the value of feedback and they always aim high. This attitude is paying off now for our school teams and we are winning more games than we lose these days.

The award also celebrates the fact that we have increased the number of competitions we enter with local schools and with schools from all over Leeds. It also shows that we offer a commendable amount of physical activities in addition to the high quality PE that we offer in school.
Well done and thank you to Mr Hosany and his PE team, to our active, healthy pupils and to our parents and carers who actively encourage our children to join in our clubs and be part of our teams


March 2017

Our parents and pupils plant bulbs together in our local community.

One of our governors, Mr Chadwick, came to me to express how impressed he was with our pupils and their enthusiastic parents. I asked him if he would write the blog this week.

"I would like to take this opportunity, along with the Residents' Association, Groundworks and the local Leeds City Council Neighbourhood Housing Team, to express my heartfelt thanks to everybody (Foundation Stage staff, parents and above all, the pupils) who helped with the bulb planting on the local community green space.

I have been asked to express their gratitude to the pupils for their enthusiasm and drive in making it such a memorable afternoon. They were true Lawns Parkers. Hopefully this will be a lasting memory for years to come when, every spring, the bulbs burst into flower.

Groundworks were so impressed with our passion to brighten up our surroundings, that they have said they will be contacting us in the new year with other projects for us to take part in.

Once again, thank you to you all!"