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At Lawns Park, we celebrate the long-standing British values of democracy and the right to express your opinion.
All of our pupils have a voice and actively participate in our class and school councils.
Read below to find out what we have been working on recently.

Updated 13.2.17



Summer 2 Meeting Tuesday 20th June

We went over what we had already achieved as a school council and then we started talking about "GROWTH MINDSET". We gave every class a challenge. We gave them a word that is linked to "GROWTH MINDSET". With that, each class needs to invent an owl super hero and a badge design.

Spring 2 Meeting 4 Thursday 22nd February 2017

School Councillors looked back at the Quiet Area Action Plan and decided who would do what. Some children were in charge of letters to parents and carers, planning and doing the assembly or preparing posters. School Councillors decided exactly what needed to be in the letters and posters and what the assembly should be about. They decided they would like to talk about improving lunchtimes at the next meeting.

Spring 1: Meeting 3 Thursday 2nd February 2017

School Council members looked at the cost of wooden benches with seating. They agreed on heavy duty seating option which cost more than £1000 donation from Parent Ambassadors. They decided to run a non uniform day with £1 donation for the “Quiet Area” to raise more funds. Miss Ford asked School Council members to go back to class and thank all pupils for their Lawns Park team effort on Wednesday 1.2.17 when our LEA visitors came for the day.

Spring 1: Meeting 2 Thursday 19th January 2017

Discussed what equipment they wanted on the new wooden playground. They invited the old School Councillors and Mr Harrison, the Superintendent to help with this. Agreed to have; a drawing section, sections for reading and chatting on wooden tables and benches, logs around the edge, face up and a water proof sail over the top.Parent Ambassadors have given the School Council £1000. They discussed ideas for raising more money to buy ready made seats & tables instead of Mr Harrison making them which would take a long time.

Spring 1: Meeting 1 Friday 6th January 2017

School Council pleased with success of Super Troopers so far. Discussed how to make sure all Super Troopers are prepared.Super Troopers to look out for Y6 singing the correct words in Singing Assembly. Planned for School Council Photographers to come to assembly on Monday and take photographs of pupils sitting properly and wearing correct uniform. Photographs will go up at the front of the hall. Miss Ford agreed to bring Super Trooper Awards to assembly on Monday. They decided School Council should meet Thursdays instead so that all members can come.

School council decided on the main things they wanted to improve in school:

Improve lunchtimes.

Improve assembly behaviour.

Improve Adventure Playground.

Make sure that we are all have pride in our uniform

Make sure every child has a “growth mindset”

Chair said that School Councillor badges should be worn at all times. Miss Ford agreed to find badges for Councillors who didn’t have one. Vice chair, Paul, agreed to find the Eco Warrior checklist so that we can start this again in assembly.

Autumn 2: Meeting 3 Monday 31st October 216

Roles were finalised and School Council Badges were given out. Children are to wear at all times. 

Discussed the Steps to Success criteria for the Super Trooper Award and when it will be judged and announced. 

Photography & Media representatives are to take a photograph of a WAGOLL class lining up ready for assembly.

Further meeting needed to clarify timings and criteria before being proposed to Ms Ford. 

Super Trooper Officers to speak to Mr Stone regarding a new certificate.

Attendance Officers are to speak to Mrs Stewart about collecting attendance figures on a weekly basis and how we can report class figures effectively each week. 

Autumn 1 Meeting 2: Monday 10th October 2016

Discussed roles available in School Council and children expressed their preferences and why they felt they would be good for the job.

Photographs were taken for the new School Council display board.

School Council Rules were discussed and finalised and Megan and Lily volunteered to type them up and create a poster. 

Discussed and decided on a name for a new school award based on behaviour in and around school as a class. This is to be called the Super Troopers!


Chairman: Lily

Vice chairman: Paul

Secretaries: Megan B & Max

Treasurers: Charlie D & Lucy

Photography and Media – Logan, Keane & Pearl

Eco Warriors: Sky & Bridie

True Lawns Parker inspectors: Grace, Joshua C & Aimiee

Autumn 1 Meeting 1: Tuesday 27th October 2016

Hand over meeting between last years representatives and staff to the new team. Mrs Dennison thanked the team for all their hard work as well as welcoming the newcomers. The Old School Council representatives talked through their roles and responsibilities for the new representatives to start thinking about the role they would like to take on within the group. 

We would like to welcome the new School Council, elected for Autumn Term:

Year 6 - Megan, Charlie and Lily

Year 5 - Sky, Keane and Lucy-Leigh

Year 4 - Joshua, Aimee and Max

Year 3 - Paul, Grace and Logan

Year 2 - Oliver, Pearl and Bridie


We would like to welcome the new School Council, elected for Summer Term:

Year 6 - Hannah and Josh

Year 5 - Katie and Harley

Year 4 - Andrew and Sophie

Year 3 - Evie and Jake

Year 2 (& Representing Year 1 and F2) - Max and Ruby 


13th May 2016

An initial meeting took place with Ms Ford to discuss our proposal to have a new quiet area in the playground. We talked about design, looked at the types of tables and benches that might work and made arrangements to invite Mr Harrison to the next meeting: 20th May. We also wondered if he could he make the tables for us?  We will meet next week with Ms Ford to finalise details.

6th May 2016

The School Council were elected to their roles as follows: Josh: Chair, Harley: Vice Chair & Attendance Officer, Evie: Treasurer, Katie: Treasurer & Attendance Officer, Hannah: Secretary, Sophie: Secretary, Max: Eco-Warrior, Ruby: Eco-Warrior, Andrew: Photography and media, Jake: Photography and media

MEETING: 29th April 2016

Our first task was to work with Ms Ford to design our new quiet area. We looked through brochures containing seating and benches to gather ideas of how we could design this area. We invited Ms Ford to our meeting on the 13th May to discuss our plan.


Welcome to the Spring Term Representatives:

Y2 Neophy, Noah; Y3: Charlie, Daisy; Y4: Harry, Phoebe; Y5: Stephen, Mia; Y6: Matthew, Amelia.

Here are the minutes from Spring Term.
Welcome to our new School Councillors, who were voted into office at the start of term.


Neophy and Noah (Y2) Eco Warriors
Matthew (Y6) Chair
Charlie (Y3) Vice Chair
Stephen and Mia (Y5) Attendance Officers
Amelia (Y6) Phoebe (Y4) Treasurers
Amelia (Y6) Daisy (Y3) Photography and Media
Phoebe and Harry (Y4) Secretaries
Matthew (Y6) Charlie (Y3) Idea Collectors and Presenters.

The Spring Term School Council have now passed on their duties to the new Summer Term representatives. 

During their term, the Spring Term representative achieved their goal to improve dinner time playtimes. They did this by: meeting with our playground supervisors to discuss how they could organise fun activities for everyone. The playground has now been reduced from three zones to two. This allows more space for children to play with equipment in organised games.

The playing field is being used for more energetic games such as football, involving more children, too. It has been agreed to have more adult-supervised activities through the summer, such as cricket, football, tag rugby and athletics.

Our playground supervisors will listen to suggestions from our children to introduce new games.

Finally, the fantastic Spring School Council Representatives have also secured funding for the construction of a quiet area, thanks to the generosity of our hard-working Parent Ambassadors. In this zone, children will be able to sit and read, draw, colour and chat with their friends.

This new quiet area will be designed and set up by our fresh new cohort of Summer Term School Council Representatives.

I would like to say a big thank you to Spring Term Council for the fantastic job they have done.


In Autumn Term, here is what the School Council achieved:

Friday 27.11.15: Attendance Figures - a big thank you to Frances and Dylan in Y4 for using our spreadsheet system to work out the attendance figures for each class. You are both stars at this task and very skilful on the computer!

Friday 13.11.15 Review of the War Memorial Exhibition
Congratulations to the School Council and Miss Dennison. The World War I Memorial Day was both touching and enlightening. The exhibition in the library was very popular and visitors came and went throughout the day. Sharon Knott gave a particularly moving tribute in assembly. We were also filmed by Made in Leeds TV, and you can see the programme by clicking the link on the home page.

Friday 6.11.15 Organising the War Memorial Exhibition
Next Wednesday 11.11.15, we will be holding our special Memorial Day to remember the heroes of World War I. We have created images to go in a special Book of Remembrance, along with some poetry. It has the 66 names of the soldiers from the local War Memorial, with information about each soldier. We will hold a minute's silence to remember the fallen heroes. We have specially invited guests: relatives of the brave soldiers, plus Sharon Knott and the local Farnley Community Action Group who have helped us greatly to organise this event.

On 11.11.15, between 10.00 and 11.00am and 1.30 to 3.00pm, the school library is open for people to come and look at the Memorial Book and archives. We will also have our own special poppy wave installation and a Memorial Cross.

Friday 16.10.15 Preparations for the War Memorial Exhibition
Pupils discussed arrangements for the Exhibition based around the refurbishment of the local War Memorial, which takes place on 11.11.15. We are planning to meet with Sharon Knott, who is leading the Memorial Project, on 19.10.15.

Friday 2.10.15 Roles of Council Members
Chairperson... Zoe Y6
Vice Chair... Edward Y6
Secretary... Patrick Y4
Treasurer... Jake Y3
School Attendance Officers... Frances, Dylan Y5
Eco-Warriors ... Lilly & Paul Y2
Photography, Press and Media... Lucy Y4, Abbie Y3

Friday 25.9.15: Punctuality
We think a punctual person arrives on time and is always organised and prepared for learning. They can do this by...
* getting all your school things ready the night before;
* make sure nothing distracts you in the morning, such as TV!
* set your alarm for a reasonable time and get up straight away - NO SNOOZING!
* make sure you give yourself enough time in the morning;
* get up and dressed as quickly as you can;
* get your clothes ready the night before;
* leave the house in plenty of time - take note of the weather and the traffic - it can affect your journey!
* go to bed on time and get plenty of sleep.

These are the rewards we all chose for being a punctual class:
Year 6: 5 minutes extra play;
Year 5: earn class points;
Year 4: an extra 5 minutes of playtime;
Year 3: earn a sticker;
Year 2: 5 minutes extra play each week;
Year 1: 5 minutes extra play time;
Foundation Stage: 3 class credits.

We also had a look at the windows in each classroom to find out which classes are recording their attendance for parents. Congratulations Y4 and Y5 for excellent window displays!

18.9.15. Attendance
What award should be given to pupils who attend school punctually every day for a whole term?
Each class was asked this question and a vote was taken.
The School Council has chosen this treat for excellent attendance by True Lawns Parkers:
*** DVD with afternoon treats ***