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Foundation Stage

15th May 2022

What's Growing on?

As we move into our final term  of the school year in Foundation stage we will be exploring all things that grow! Starting with seasonal change we will be scientists observing and recording seasonal change as the world  wakes from its winter slumber around us. We will then move on to investigate  animals, their young and their habitats before delving deep into the undergrowth and finding about the little creatures,' minibeasts'  that  live beneath our feet and around us. Finally, as we move into the latter part of the summer term  we will  reflect on ourselves and how we have grown physically, mentally and emotionally as we prepare for the next chapter in our continuing learning journey.


Here are some of the texts that we will be using to  enhance our learning throughout the summer term.



If you would like to keep abreast of the learning week by week then please take a look at our subject planners under the information heading.




Along with their smile and sense of adventure, your child will need:

  • A freshly filled, clear water bottle (plain water only)
  • Book bag (F2 only)
  • Change of clothes (F1)
  • PE Kit of black shorts and plain white T-shirt (F2 only)  PE day will be Friday
  • Sun lotion- please apply this before your child comes to school

Please ensure that all belongings are clearly labelled with your child's name.


The Foundation Stage Team



Autumn 1

F1:  Isabella and Brandon             

F2:  Elisha and Leo M     

Autumn 2

F1: Louisa and Frank

F2: Kira and Rupert

Spring 1

F1: Olivia and Finley

F2: Rosie and Afibiya

Spring 2

F1: Heidi and Dominic

F2: Francesca and Alfie



These are the sounds and words that we will be learning to read this week. 

(wk commencing 16th May)


Group 2-  on, can, not, got, dad

Group1- have, like, come, some







 Every Friday, in Foundation 2, we will calculate  the number of '3 reads' that we achieve at home each week.  Reading is an essential skill  necessary to access all aspects of the curriculum. Please remember to date and sign your child's reading record each time you read together. Your child will be rewarded for the commitment to learning  with an extra 'playtime' on a Friday.



Summer 1Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5

Week 6

Number of children20202325  




Timetable for periods of self-isolation



Week commencing 16th May

F1-  Numbers within 5

F2- First, then, now ( week 2)



Explore some of the links below for further learning activities.















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