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Year 3

Updated 12.01.21


====-====- Congratulations Year 3 -====-====

We have made it through week 1 of lockdown, well done Year 3. 

You have completed over 240 piece of work over 3 days! That is incredible and this week there is going to be even more work completed. Everyone at Lawns Park is giving you the biggest round of applause for your resilience and independence in these very uncertain times. We are extremely proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves. 

Lets continue to be brilliant this week. 

The Year 3 Team.





Congratulations to the Home Learning Star:   ⭐️ Bradley ⭐️



Expectations of Home Learning. 


Each day we would love you to complete your 3 assignments that are posted in TEAMs daily. 

Go on to TT Rockstars 3 times a week. 

Complete 3 reads a week and mark them in your reading record. 

Practise some Year 3/4 spellings on Purple Mash. 

Continue your learning with exciting tasks on our class page. 

Have time to relax and do what makes you happy smiley



We have a new Home Learning time table and lots of new extra learning tasks, including learning on TV, Joe Wicks workouts and BBC Bitesize is back! 





Year 3 Information Pack.


Home Learning Timetable. 







Year 3 are currently on spring, week 1 of learning.


Please keep up with your... 3 READS
📖  📚

Keep your Reading Journal up to date. If you left it at school, you could design a new one!

Year 3 were getting so close to 100% every week, I would love if we can continue with that. Lets try and be the best readers in school. 

Spring 1  Week 1  Week 2  Week 3 Week 4  Week 5  Week 6
% Reads N/A  90%smiley        
Comment:  N/A 

Great effort! 




There's plenty to read here on Purple Mash with their fantastic,

episode-based serial books called Serial Mash.



Three levels of reading are available.
Use the chart above to find your level based on your school book band colour.
Aim to include Serial Mash books in your three reads each week.




Extra Activities for Home Learning, Spring 1, Week 2. 

BBC Bitesize has re-launched its brilliant Home Learning pages.

You can get help with the current Maths topic or try some other learning activities. Send us a picture of any bonus learning you do by posting it on the chat list (we will delete it once we've made a note of it).

Click below to go to the Year 3 page...



CBBC has come to rescue to help you with some learning if you are having internet or computer problems. Check the timetable below for all the educational TV shows that the CBBC are providing. You can while watching TV! Take a picture and send it in the Year 3, we will delete the picture once we have seen it. 

You can catch up on iPlayer if you miss anything smiley


Move with Maths Supermovers activities! Maths and Dance?

Switch on the glitterball! Keeeeep Moving!

Its a 10 from Mr Sandford!!! 




Joe Wicks is back to keep everyone fit and active. 

Click below to join in. Remember staying active keeps your body and your brain healthy. 





Maths equipment: here is a complete set of maths manipulatives, just like the ones we use in class, only ONLINE!


Science Links: Here are some website links to enhance your science learning. Have a look around and develop your scientific knowledge. 







































Autumn 1: Darcey and Ethan





Who will be the first to achieve their pen licence?