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Year 3

Hello Year 3! We hope you are all doing well and we wanted you to know that we are missing you so much, even though we have been off a while, it still feels odd not being in school with you all! For this week, the timetables have changed slightly. Below are now two timetables for you to use; one links to the lessons on BBC bitesize and the other has a few ideas like before that can also be done. As well as this, our theme this week is continuing as spellings! In the home learning section are many ways that you can practice the Year 3/4 words and become a spelling master! Try out as many as you can to see which works best for you! Please send us any of the ways you use to learn your spellings, we've had a few so far and would be great to get some more! Finally, we are launching the Lawns Park Bake off this week! Entries should include a picture of the final product, a recipe and even an ingredients list so that any other budding bakers can magpie your wonderful ideas at a later date - Mr Brown is planning on entering so let's try and provide a bit of competition :)

Keep sending those amazing home learning pictures in - they really do brighten our days! Many thanks, The Year 3 team


We really do hope you are all keeping safe and smiley during these very strange times! We are missing you all so much - it feels very weird not being able to see your happy faces every morning! All being well, you have been using the packs we sent home with lots of learning in or are accessing the resources on our home learning page on the website. We've been really impressed with some of your TTRockstars scores, there has been a massive improvement in your speed and accuracy! We also hope you've been reading as much as possible - Mr Brown has had lots of time to read which has been a great opportunity, it would be amazing to hear what some of you guys have been reading too?


If you have any problems/questions that you would like answering, please call the school on the usual number during usual school hours.


The Year 3 team 


Here is who has sent us some learning so far! The class rainbow is beginning to fill up! Thank you so much to these children, their pictures have helped brighten our days!


Corey                       Abigail                Morton

        Caoimhe                   Connie                Grace           

                                   Beth                         Alfie                  Alyssia                                   

                    Evan                      Frankie               George                    

 Lucas-Jay                   Lucie                                 

                             Lucas                      Caleb                                                          

                 Hollie                       Natas                                              


Any pictures you wish to share please send to:

Keep the pictures coming please everyone! It is so heartwarming to see what you have all done so far! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

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Instructional videos - see links above for worksheets.



Oxford Owl Log In Page







Movement and nutrition

(Summer 1) 





Rocks, soils and fossils

(Summer 2) 







Rivers and land use

(Summer 1) 








Autumn 1:

Hollie and Evan


Autumn 2:

Lucas P and Madison


Spring 1:




Pen Licences: