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Year 2

Updated 16/05/22


Summer 1, Week 4/5

We have completed some of the SATS assessments this week and we have 

been extremely impressed with their learning attitude and effort!

As we continue into May the remaining assessments will be spread out over the next few weeks and

we will make the children feel as relaxed as possible. Please remember, the assessment papers help us to assess children, alongside their daily learning in all areas of the curriculum, to make a final judgement. 




⭐️This week's Ed Shed spelling activity is now available to play.⭐

⭐Please give it a try!⭐



Our Word of the Week:



Check out this week's homework below. ️


- - - Year 2 Routines - - -

  • Please bring your book bag and reading books daily. 
  • Children have an allocated day for changing their books. This is noted in the front of their reading record book. 
  • Library books can be changed or renewed each Wednesday. 
  • P.E. will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday, although ideally please leave P.E. kits in school for the full half term. Children will need a full indoor kit and outdoor kit. Outdoor kit is black track suit bottoms and a black hoody and appropriate footwear for outside such as trainers. 
  • Login details for TT Rockstars, Numbots and Purple Mash are all listed under the flap in children's reading record books. 
  • Generally homework is set Thursday to Tuesday.
  • Spellings are set Friday to be tested the following Friday. 






Homework Summer 1 - Week 5


Maths Homework

TT Rock Stars 

This week's TT Rockstars Homework will begin on Thursday 12th, and is to be completed by Tuesday 17th May. 



Please also complete the Maths Reasoning test sent home in folders. 

Please complete for Monday 16th May. 


  This Week's Spelling Pattern to Explore and Learn


I've added a couple of ideas of how to help practice and learn this week's words. 

You can also practice them on Ed Shed. Children's login details can be found in the front of their

reading record book.


Spellings Week 5

Group 1


Group 2


Ideas to help you learn your spellings. 










Autumn 1: Arthur & Jersey

Autumn 2: Amelia & John 

Spring 1: Ava & Flynn

Spring 2: Lily-Grace & Jake






Who will be the first to achieve their pen licence?

Well done Elizabeth, Jersey, Jasmine, Flynn, Arthur, Muhammad, Keira and Amelia!





If you're unable to come to school, here's your

daily learning timetable.

First, complete your homework for the week, then get started on the activities below.







Please keep up with your 3 reads!


Online Learners will be assigned a new reading book matched to their current reading book band, each Friday.

School learners will have their books changed weekly within school by Mrs Welsh.

Please aim to read the complete book at least once within the week, ideally twice to develop fluency. 

Please complete at least 3 separate reads within the week and record your reads as normal in your reading record book

and then 'turn in' a picture of your reading record by 10am on Friday.


Here are our 3 reads results:

Summer 1Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
% Read80%90%100% 
CommentWe can do better!Getting better!Fabulous! 



Spring 2

Spring 2Wk1Wk2Wk3Wk4Wk5
% Read88%67%94%90% 
CommentGreat!We were caught out by a 4 day week!So close!Lets get 100% for the final week! 


Spring 1


Spring 1Wk1Wk2Wk3Wk4Wk5Wk6Wk7
% Read:66%86%87%90%97%100%100%
Comment:I'm sure we can improve on this for next week Yr2!Much better!Great!Even better! Fantastic!Amazing!Yipee! 


Autumn 2 


Autumn 2:Wk1Wk2Wk3Wk4Wk5Wk6Wk7
% Read:87%87%97%97%90%87% 
Comment:  Nearly!

Surely next week

we can get 100%


Let's get

100% for




Autumn 1


Autumn 1Week 2Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
% Reads:97%100%84%94%100%100%
Comment:A great start!Amazing!We can do better!

Come on YR2! 







Summer 1

Length and Height


Position and Direction



Summer 2




Mass, Capacity and Temperature





Please try the new White Rose 1 minute maths App. It's free and great for building up maths basic maths skills. 

Look out for the blue icon in the App store. 


If you are working from home please  continuing to play

TT Rockstars.


Numbots and Hit the Button are also great to keep practising your basic number skills.