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Year 2


 .-='\!/▆▅▃▂  Dear Year 2 \!/'=-.


Updated: 10.7.20

Summer 2 Week 6


Good morning Year 2!  I hope you have all had a good week. Did you join in with our Virtual Sports day this week? If you did we would love to see your photos. Can you believe we have only one week left of this year! We will really miss you all next year, but I know you will have a great year with Mr Sandford and Mr Whitely. I hope you are looking forward to meeting them on Tuesday afternoon. I know they are keen to meet you!  Have a lovely weekend. The Year 2 Team :) 


Please keep sending in your photos of your home learning of the learning timetable tasks to


Mrs Paul & The Year 2 Team

We would love it if you could take pictures of your learning at home and send them to us:

This may be some written work, a picture of you reading, working on the computer, some art work, P.E. or anything else exciting you have been up to. Please share all the different ways you are learning.

If you send in a picture, we'll put it on the slideshow below and give you a big shout out too!

We want to build a rainbow shout-out list, so please help!

We already have a red, orange, yellow and green line!
Who will be next?


✩░▒▓▆▅▃▂▁Year 2 Shout Out Rainbow List ▂▃▅▆▓▒░✩


01.06.20. Torfan

04.06.20 Sophie & Charlotte

05.06.20. Kadie, Madeline & Levi

08.06.20. Sam

11.06.20. Muhammad, Aisha & Madeline

12.06.20. Kadie, Ethan & Torfan

14.06.20. Aisha


18.06.20 Tayte

29.6.20 Betti & Charlotte

8.7.20. Muhammad


           TT Rock Stars, Numbots and Teach your Monster to Read are all great online learning resources.

Here's a shout out to all children who have accessed these sites over the last week (Summer 2 wk2). 

Keep up the hard work guys!


This week's TT Rock Stars players: Darcey, Charlotte, Torfan, Ella, Ethan, Jacob, Tayte, Sam, Joseph and Aaliyah

             ******** Overall Top scorers = 1st Charlotte  2nd Torfan  3rd Joseph *********

Numbots Players this week: Vincent, Kadie, Joseph, Betti and Torfan.

              ********* Overall Top Scorers = 1st Vincent  2nd Joseph   3rd Kadie ********* 

Teach your Monster to Read: Brayden, Charlotte, Darcey, Dolly, Hallie, Joseph, Kadie, Oliver and Sam. 

********* Welldone to Charlotte, Dolly and Darcey who have achieved certificates.*********



Go to your daily lessons here.



Instructional videos - see links above for worksheets.







Oxford Owl Log In Page











(Summer 1)



Living things and their habitats

(Summer 2)







Autumn 1: Tayte and Torfan


Autumn 2:Kai and Aisha


Spring 1: Hallie and Daniel