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Year 6

.-='/✩Dear Year 6 Pupils✩\'=-.

Updated: 22.5.20
Hello pupils, parents and carers,


Half Term is calling you to have a rest and get into your hobbies.


Thanks to everyone who has sent messages, letters, good wishes and pictures over the last 10 weeks!


You're an inspiration and we cannot tell you how much we are missing you!


Enjoy the break and see you on the other side!


Mr Stone and the Y6 Team


░▒▓▆▅▃▂▁Y6 Shout Out Rainbow▁▂▃▅▆▓▒░

  Emily S., Ruby, Neophy, Max, Leah, Rhys, Logan - learning like true Lawns Parkers!      
✩ Devon, Evelyn, Charlie - delighted to see that you are smiling, healthy and keeping busy. 

  ✩ Amazing month of MAY MathsWatch learning from:                                                             
✩ Adam L., Miley, Ruby and Jake!                                                                                                
✩ Emily S, Logan, Tyler and
  ✩ Grace, Adam L.: Keeping busy, being adventurous and creative! So impressive!               

  ✩  Paul, Daniel, Alvie, Jake, Emily C. - always active and resiliently soldiering on!            


Well done, Year 6 Home Learners. We are so proud of your resilience!

Please send us pictures:

Did you spot the amazing time and date event on 20/5/20 at 20:20:20? Here it is live on video... How often will this happen?

Still image for this video


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

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Instructional videos - see links above for worksheets.


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(Summer 1)





(Summer 2)









The person who wins this award shows extra dedication, incredible patience and perseverance and a drive to become a more independent learner. 


Autumn 1

Adam L, Lily


Autumn 2

Lola, Daniel


Spring 1

Evelyn, Charlie




Handwriting Award



Lola, Logan K, Paul, Alvie, Lason, Emily S., Neophy, Lily, Emily C., Ruby, Ella, Jake, Archie, Daniel, Adam G., Miley and Harvey