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Year 1

Last updated 19.04.24


What a lovely first week back we have had in Year 1! We began the week with art week and finished it with a very exciting STEM lego workshop! The children really impressed us with their technology and engineering skills and they worked collaboratively to make their own machines and fairgrounds! Photos coming to the Year 1 gallery soon! :)


On this webpage is lots of useful information about the upcoming term, including useful dates, learning links and a photo album that we will use to share some of our fabulous learning.


Every day, pupils will need:

- A clear, re-usable water bottle.

- Their book bag.

- A coat.

- A PE kit (to be left at school in a drawstring bag).

- Their plastic wallet containing their Little Wandle book, banded book and reading journal.

- Pupils can also bring a fresh fruit or vegetable snack to eat at playtime.


In Summer 1, PE day will be on a Tuesday and library day will remain on Thursday. 



Summer 1 Week 2



(Linked to our English writing)

Word class: penguin is a noun.

Definition: a black and white bird, found mainly in Antarctica, that cannot fly.

Example: A group of penguins on the land is called a waddle!










Autumn 1: Luiza and Finley

Autumn 2: Louisa H and Bella

Spring 1: Elliot and Amelia

Spring 2: Frank and Lily




Handwriting Super stars: 




Children are expected to complete a minimum of 5 minutes of Numbots per week. If children wish to do more, that is amazing and they will receive Track It points for going above and beyond!

New sessions begin on Sunday and run until the following Sunday. 




19th April 2024: 




Extra challenges:

Download the White Rose 1-Minute Maths app, its free and really good at helping your child to learn and practise arithmetic skills. It has individual one-minute tasks focus on adding and subtracting – and on ‘Subitising’, the skill of instantly recognising the number of items in a group without counting.


If you are looking for extra practise activities, you can use:

- White Rose 1 minute maths app

- Practise orally counting forwards and backwards in 1's and 10's within 20

- Play number games involving numbers/dice such as snakes and ladders or bingo


Year 1 Tricky words to practise reading and spelling




Summer Half-Term 1 topics:


ENGLISH: Innovated narrative, retelling, instructions


MATHS TOPICS: Length & height, Mass & Volume, Multiplication & Division, Fractions




GEOGRAPHY: Hot and cold places


ART: Digital art


COMPUTING: Digital writing


PE: Athletics


RE: How do we know that new babies are special?


PHSE: Safety and the changing body


























Move with Maths Supermovers activities! Maths and Dance?

Switch on the glitterball! Keeeeep Moving!